We have earned a respectful position in this era of stiff market competition, by providing the best quality range of Circular Knitting Machines.


  • High Speed 4 Track Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine.
  • High Speed Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine.
  • Rib Circular Knitting Machine.

1. High Speed 4 Track Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine.

These Machines are fitted with superior quality Four Track Cams to produce variety of knits by selection of needles & cams such as single pique, double pique, Popcorn & Hearing bone etc. The machine is also incorporated with centre stitch system to reduce the set up time for fabric sampling on different yarns with different GSM.

The range of Dia and Guage that we can offer is as below.

Diameter Gauge Feeder
18" - 40" 18 - 28 3 per Diameter Inch.

2. High Speed Interlock Knitting Machines

These machines are affordable for all type of the user let it be a Fabric Knitter or Garment Manufacturer. Apart from knitting the basic Interlock Fabric, user can produce different Fabric textures by having extra cams such as P-Knit, Reversible, different types of Mesh etc.

We can offer these machines with below mentioned parameters.

Diameter Gauge
25" - 40" 18 – 28

3. Rib Machines

These Rib Circular Knitting Machines are perfect for manufacturing basic Rib structure like 1*1 or 2*2 Rib. With additional cams, a variety of other textures can be produced such as Waffel, Flat Back Rib, Varicated rib etc. These machines can also be equipped with Lycra provision.

These machines are available in different gauge & diameters. Basic range of these machines is as following.

Diameter Gauge Feeders
8" - 24" 18 - 28 2 per Diameter Inch

2. 5 per Diameter Inch (For Dedicated Interlock Fabric)